Saturday, May 05, 2012


Happy Free Comic Book Day one and all.  In celebration of this high holy day of all Geekdom I have colored yet another page ( hushhhshshshsh.... Mitchell's on FIRE! ) but seriously folks.  My commitment to clean up my backlog pages is coming along nicely.  I continue to utilize every spare moment available to me thanks to my handy, dandy, multi-compartmented, explosive proof, galvanized steel, art kit.  I was able to color most of this page while at a laundry mat, and I lettered yet another page at a wonderful Chinese buffet establishment.  Herb Trimpe told me once that he drew the coveted HULK issue featuring first appearance of Wolverine, whilst sitting at a picnic table during a trip to the beach.  You do not have to be ensconced in a perfectly lit studio to do good work.  If you love your craft you can find a space to do it almost anywhere.

Happy National comic book holiday dearies....

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