Sunday, November 19, 2006


This, dear friends ... is an illo from the Proffessor Stone book I am working on. It is from the short story Island X. It features Stone encountering a secret Island filled with Dino-men, and an evil Russian scientist lady. The piece was finished a few weeks ago, but for two weeks now I have had no way of scanning art. As many of you know I am a computer dummy, so it has taken quite some time to figure out a solution. As it now stands I have to first scan my images to my photo impression program...transfer them to Picasa, ( a web host ) then log them in on a seperate post. Not, by any means, an ideal situation...but it's all I have for the moment. At least I am back on-line with much to show you in the comming day's.


Ron Fortier said...

Another great piece. The femme fatale is a hottie and you've really captured Prof.Stone perfectly.

Megan said...

Wow I like your monsters. How do you come up with monsters anyway?
Amazing work very pretty.

Wayne Skiver said...

Looks great Mitch! Your really bringing my story to life. The finished book is going to blow people away! Hopefully I will be online again soon....(Still getting the move stuff taken care of)

Fantastic job Amigo!


Mike Mitchell said...

Hey gang thanks for the compliments! More stuff coming soon....Watch out!