Sunday, November 28, 2010


Happy post feeding frenzied greetings O' denizens of demagoguery! I present for your fevered enjoyment this mighty morsel of comicbook cornucopia, this laborious labor of love, this spectacle of superfluousness I call: "THE ARRIVAL". This woebegone wonder has lain dormant these past three years... smoldering in the simmering embers of my studio, patiently waiting for it's day of unabashed glory to arrive... that day, ( my fine festooned friends ) has finally, and indisputably arrived. Behold... the greatness that is... THE ARRIVAL!!!
Okay, okay.... so it's a little bit of chop and schlock that isn't much too special... so allow me my pomp and circumstance anyway.... SHEESH!
Point is... it is finally finished, and somewhat print worthy. I penciled this page back in odd 7, and just this very day finished the fine touches. In a fit of pre-holiday sleepless excitement the other night, I stumbled upon it's hidden potential whilst fumbling through my studio, and decided to give it the once over. The results, ( be they good or bad ) are now posted for your pulse pounding peepers to peruse :)
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and are looking toward the holidays to follow.
Peace my friends!

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