Saturday, February 04, 2012


Faced with the threat of an entire Saturday morning wasted in the worthwhile, but utterly boring pursuit of auto repair,... I took firm action and developed a bold plan. I marched into the studio, grabbed my portable art kit, some old black and white pages I had done years ago, and a set of PRISMA colored markers. I then loaded the gear into the ailing auto, and of to the garage goeth I. Striding supremely into the waiting lounge, kit in hand, I ignored the curious stares, and awkward glances of the other wasted, waiting souls nestled up to the their coffee cups, and listening mindlessly to their CNN. Did I waver?.... no, not even for an instant. In the hour and a half that followed I produced the prestigious parchment presented for your perusal presently.

Now I ask you dear fans of comics everywhere.... who is the coolest of the cool sitting by the cooler in the auto serve waiting room? Beholdeth... it is I!

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Colin Tedford said...

It is indeed!