Saturday, March 24, 2012


Greetings and Saturday night salutations to all you lovers of panelographic pursuit! It is I your humble home made comic steward here with another serving of selected delectable delights for your intellectual enjoyment. This installment finds me fit, fine and happy in my new surroundings, with a lovely red-headed wife to be at my side, and a new studio to call my very own. The initial goal is to work on the backlog of books I have in the 80% complete bucket. See... I just got so far on a book, lost interest and started another book. This happened at least four times in the last four years, so needless to say... I have four books that are all but 20% finished and ready to publish, well... I shall procrastinate no further friends. I have determined that before I jot another tittle, before I wet my wick in vain, before I apply pencil to paper once more... I shall first achieve the goal, before this year is out, of finishing all four of my books, and have them ready to publish and sell in 2013. There... I said it out loud. Anyways.... The reason I name this post BLUE ON BLUE is because I had a very specific color scheme in mind when I penciled and inked this, but it was only when I sat down to color it that I realized it was predominantly blue. It was quite a chore balancing all that blue, and yet still maintaining enough contrast that things stayed sharp and in focus. Hope you are all enjoying this early spring, and summer type weather. Peace little doggies :)

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