Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sure there is still some clean up work to do on this one gang...but check out this new illo for the Novella EYE OF will keep you suspended....get it? ( I must be sniffing my markers again ) that joke was a real dud! Oh well....come up with your own snappy puns! Ha-ha


Dembicki said...

is stone going to be a text book with illustrations? these look really, really nice. they are several adventure-like comics out right now, but i think they fail to capture the feel of the period. but you've hit the mark right on.

matt d.

Ron Fortier said...

You bet it is. PROF.STONE & THE EYE OF RE is an original anthology by Wayne Skiver that features five short stories and the novella, The Eye of Re. All wonderfully spot illustrated by Michael (the Man) Mitchell. Several of which he's posted here.
Hopefully book will be available for sale in another two weeks. Why am I so happy? I'm the guy who it put it all together. Mitch is a born pulp artist!

Wayne Skiver said...

Looks good Mitch! Two more to go!

Matt, if you like 1930's Pulp adventure, Doc Savage, Indiana Jones, or Old Movie Serials you'll love Prof. Stone! Keep checking here and I'm sure Mitch will post a link when the book becomes available very, very soon!


Megan said...

I don't know if I'm a born pulp artist. How do you tell Ron?
It still takes pratice,so much to art techniques to learn.I'm happy for Mike :).
Like the angle Mike and that's a hard angle to do. Birds eye view is a hard one looking up and being above. I wonder what refrence you had for the shadows..

Megan said...

I sounded a bit harsh in the last post. Sorry now that I'm back drawing will be much easier.

Ron Fortier said...

Megan, Mitch's fine line drawings,his use of grays and shadows is much like the old illustrators used in the pulp magazines of the 1930s. Which is why I said he's a "born pulp artist." He does that style of artwork so effortlessly.

Megan said...

I understand now, your right I couldn't just do it but it's rare people can bring back the past,I see what you mean.