Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Look out guy's! Wayne Skiver is up to his old bag of tricks again...scaring the pants off everyone with his pulpish ways. This illo is from the Proffessor Stone book and has an astonished Stone looking on as three victims are tortured endlessly in hermetricly sealed chambers. They are each exposed to their greatest fear. Ooooooo SPOOKY ! It is a total blast to draw this stuff I am going to feel a little guilty cashing all those big fat royalty checks Ha-ha-ha!


Wayne Skiver said...

BWah-Ha-Ha-Haaa!! "Big fat royalty checks"? Quit licking your ink brushes buddy! Oops! The boss reads this doesnt he?
(nervously looking around)
Just kidding!

Mitch I already told you,but I'll say it again. THIS one is my FAVE pic so far!!

Megan said...

I like thise one too. I think I'd have fear of crowded places and loud noise,including loud voices,senstive to certain fabrics oh boy.It goes on longer but going into a store I experience the overstimlation pain that those guys but minus the snakes.
Thanks for the inspiration on the drawing :).
Ah would you please send an email to me I forgot what it was.I have an art question that's all.

Ron Fortier said...

It's my favorite too, Wayne. Hey, what big fat royalty check??