Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hey gang! Well I have taken a little bit of a breather from drawing since the whirlwind completion of the Proffesor Stone book, and I am ready to start wading into some other areas artistically. As I try to figure out where I want to go next I thought I would post every few days some of the doodles I do during break time at work. I often give these little scribbles away to co-workers who express an interest, and sometimes will make a sketch or two on demand. Every so often however one of these little numbers grabs hold of me for some reason, and I decide to keep it for myself.

Take todays post for example, I did this a few weeks ago. It started out as just practice drawing a pretty girl, ( us artists types do have to do that once in awhile yaknow! ) I would add a little here, a little there, then I got to thinking...this girl has sort of a 70's style hair-do. Next I plopped in a little stylized icon of my favorite year...1976! When I got back to the doodle a few hours later I was thinking about being 10 years old in '76, and how I used to go roller skating all the time and hope a pretty chick like this would ask me to skate, ( hence the word balloon addition ) to spiff it up a little I added the flower power background.

One other note about this piece. This was a free flow of thought type exercise, ( sorta like dreaming through your hand ) and there was no forethought whatsoever going into it. There was no pencil sketch, no pre-sketch, and no outline. I just took a standard ball point pen and had a blast on some paper.

I like that. That is what makes drawing enjoyable to me, when you have no intentions, no design, and something just pop's out of your sub-consious to say hello to the world. Look for many more of these kinda thingys to appear in the weeks ahead.

Peace my brothers and sisters...Mitch!

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Megan said...

I thought your comments truly were very deep and insightful Mike.
So many times for me in comics I get caught up in this step and making charectors same thing.Profile,refrence sheet,charectors emotions blah blah.
I forgot another more natural way to do is doodle.No plan I like that a good perspective drawing break.
I didn't know pros take breaks I thought they do one perfect one after another with endless energy.
I feel I have waves of creativity up and down but pratice still.
I thought pros did art in a stright line no ups and downs.
That's just me being literal like I thought teachers lived at the school and were nothing but what they said they were.
I apperciate you for reminding me too what art's all about.
What you said is a good reminder to me but I shouldn't depend to hear it from someone else but it's nice to hear it put in words.