Saturday, February 03, 2007


Right about now Ron and the gang at Wildcat books are going to reach through the screen and shoot me. Before they pull the trigger, I got a little somthin to say. Now any artist worth his salt will tell you that in order to stay on your game you gotta excercise. I am supposed to be working my brains out on the illos for the professor Stone book. But....see I reached a stopping point where I was waiting for word on where to proceede with the next batch of illos, and well see I was really on fire artisticly, and I did'nt want to let the blade get dull see, and I had this really cool space Ghost comic in my mits that my bestus buddy and all around imaginary friend sent me in the mail see, and well one thing led to another see, and is my tribute to Space Ghost. is only right considering that two of the main creators of Space Ghost ( Alex Toth, and Joseph Barbara ) passed away recently. Jo Barbara was in his 90's and led a very nice life...Toth went the way I would like to go...simply died at his drawing table. Now don't you get any ideas Ron...I'm in no hurry to go this weekend...ha-ha

Okay...back to work on Professor Stone now....Sheesh! You guys are no fun.


Ron Fortier said...

Mitch, as hard as it is to believe, and I'm sure Wayne will back me up here, I totally get your need to tap another part of your brain other than pulp images. Often times when writing a long piece, I'll quit after a couple of days and working something altogether different, just to keep my mind fresh. Then go back the first project a lot more renewed.
Hey, I must be getting soft. Ha.

Wayne Skiver said...

Yep Ron, I totally agree. I usually try to have at least 3 dif stories going at a time so I can excercise my brain by going from Stone, to Western, to Fantasy...

And... I love Space Ghost! I own every episode on a 2 DVD set. (The action cartoon not the talk show!) Classic character, and a nice tribute Mitch!

Megan said...

Didn't Spaceghost say some funny things. "Space Ghooost!"He had a t.v show where he talked to people on cartoon network.
I don't think it's on there anymore.