Saturday, February 17, 2007


Uh-oh...Sombody's gunna have a lot of esplainin' ta do!!! Stone has decided to create a big distraction by toppeling over one of the fifteen statues of the egyptian god, Anibus. As a very meek Professor Baumhaufer looks on in amazement. Why is the distruction of 5000 year old statuary neccesary? I the book and find out fer yourself Dummy! I'm just the guy what draws this kooky stuff. Whew... only one more full page spot, and a widdle icon to go and we can put this book in the bag...HOORAY! Soon hordes of people from Tiwan to Timbucktoo will be standing in line to scoop up Proffesor Stone and the Eye of Re, but not me...nope. I'm waitng for the major motion picture...ha-ha-ha. Sorry Wayne and Ron...I couldn't resist :-)

Back to the drawing board ~ Mitch


Ron Fortier said...

HAHA. Mitch, if they make a movie, I'm sure Wayne will recommend you to
do the storyboards so can get rich and quit your job..and draw for a living. Ah, the stuff dreams are made of.

Wayne Skiver said...

I actually have talked to some small animation studios about a 1.5 minute Stone short/teaser. Be great for promotional use. I may just do that someday.

You captured the Anubis statues perfectly here Mitch! Great work!

Megan said...

Good three point perspective Mike or "birds eye view" more commonly known.
Correct me if I'm wrong Ron.
I like the statues how you show how big they are.
I wouldn't know if they fit in the story because I don't know it.
As long as it's fun for you.