Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Having trouble sleeping at night? Doctor Phobos can help...You will never, ever get to sleep again once his treatment begins. His friendly assistants are here to help deliver that one of a kind special attention that every new patient deserves. Hopefully your visit will be brief...if your very, very lucky..Mwhaaaa-hahahh

That rotten Wayne Skiver fella is rubbing off on me...scuse me. Gotta go take a shower now...I feel icky all over.

Seriously blog fans...this is just another of the illos for the new Professor Stone Book. This one is'nt quite finished, but I thought you might like to see a work in progress for a change.


Wayne Skiver said...

Muah-Ha-Ha-Haaa! A follow up exam is rarely needed with Phobos as your Doctor, but he returns in the second collection of Prof. Stone stories in which the Granite fisted hero is forced to play a "Devil's Game"

Dont worry Mitch its a bit off down the road! Hey The Dr. Looks great!

Ron Fortier said...

Really, he returns. Now that's cool.

Megan said...

I'd say this is where the villian laugh comes in I agree. How do they do make those endless laughs anyway they must suck in alot of air before they do.
I like his hair very hippie.That villian look rubbing his hands,hope he keeps his hands off that girl.
But villians do weird thinking things pulling on their facial hair.
I've got to make some bad guys myself but I always get the weirdest reactions showing them. People ignorant showing art seeing bad guys at work think I'm some psycho.Those I'm always nervous to show.
Ok I've said my speech,it's a neat drawing Mike I can tell you had fun making this charector,it shows.

Ron Fortier said...

So how come you have send me this one yet, amigo?

Megan said...

I like what you said about the Doctor Guy Mike it made me laugh :).
My dad needs to go to this doctor,I wonder how this mad doctor would treat restless legs?
I can relate to escapeing from a mad doctor namely the dentist.That's one of the reasons I went on vacation.