Thursday, May 25, 2006


Do not be alarmed. Citizens of this blog are asked to remain in their seats, and also to remain calm. The following is a statment issued from the Mitchell comics advisory board. It reads: Due to the upcoming memorial day celebration There will be no further posts on this site between Friday May 26th and, Tuesday May 30th. Visitors to this site during this period will recieve no further instructions, and may be asked to leave, or re-directed to the nearest picnic, B-B-Q, or parade. In the event you are new here please take a moment to review all posts carefully, leave a comment so that you may be notified in case of a comicbook emergency. There is one post remaining before this message repeats itself.

You are now free to leave your seat, and roam ordily about the blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mike, but this is not acceptable. There shall be no breaks. You will keep on working until your fingers are bleeding and your eyes are bleary. Oh, you've already gotten to that point. Never mind.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. That's a very nice drawing of General Aldo.

Mike Mitchell said...

Seriously man this is getting ridiculous. It's like I'm performing for an audience of one.

Truthfully, I have recieved more e-mails this week regarding my "coffee break comics" then all my other work put together.

So just for all you Monster disco fan's out there I will publish one more post,( I was planning to anyways if you read General Aldo's bullitin carefully) Jack, by the way is the current Chairman of the Small Press Syndicate, an ardent fan, and an overall nice guy.

Are you ready? here it comes.. the top secret Holiday weekend super-blog.

Anonymous said...

I think there are other people out there reading, but they are just being shy.

Manny DeJesus said...

Do you take a drawing pad and pencils when you go to cookouts? If you do, be careful of BBQ sauce and condiments. They can ruin a great sketch.LOL