Sunday, May 21, 2006

COFFEE BREAK COMICS...good to the last drop.

CAUTION! comic book under construction, Remember to wear appropriate saftey gear!
(if you don't know about the coffee break comic series you may want to scroll down three or four posts and work your wasy back) YOU MAY NOW PROCEEDE.

okay so it needs lot's of finishing, and it's sloppy, yeah that too! and there are spelling corrections throughout,ect..ect.
Hey lighten-up. We're practicing okay? Having fun flexing some comicbook muscles right?

The funny thing is I was not into this today at first. I was tired, and not feeling well, but I pushed through and got'er dunn.
And challenging? Boy I'll tell you whut! At one point I was outside, wind just-a-blowin, sittin at the smoke break table, coffee in one hand, holding down my page with the other, puffing a cigar, and trying to place spot blacks before my last ten minute break was finished. Now that right thar is dedication! Anyways all of a sudden I spill my coffee, and reach for a rag,(letting go of the page) the wind kicks up and WHOOSH, coffee stain upper right panel. Next thing I know Z-Z-Z-ZING, , the page sails off the table cartwheeling toward a puddle. Me chasing after it, arms outstretched, with a cigar firmly enclenched in my mouth. You think you have challenges?

Despite everything I think it to be the most fluid, dynamic, and expressive of the pages thusfar. Now c'mon Won't some of you wannabee's out there join me? Ya taint gunna let me have All the fun now are ya?
MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN COMICS........OKAY? And let me see them please?


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your coffee break comic. I like the challenge that you have set for yourself. I like the unfinished or rough look. Are you going to polish it up at a later date or are you going to leave it as it is? I like it the way it is. I'll have to send you my comic,"Life-like Tales." It's a comic I did while I was walking through a wild-life refuge and at a local university. I drew the comic as I went along. It's kind of like a 24-hour comic, except it's not for 24 hours.

Mike Mitchell said...

Jack, thanks so much for keeping tab's on my posts. Great question.
Yeah, I plan on cleaning up later.
I guess it's sort of a two part thing really, one part is to show what you can accomplish on your coffee breaks, and the second part is to double your output without
eating into your other projects.

I will talk more about clean-up on another post. Looking forward to your comics.........Mitch