Thursday, May 18, 2006

My tribute to Jack "KING" Kirby

This is my feeble attempt to emulate the king of all comicdom, the late but always great Jack Kirby. The two pages were done seperately between Christmas and New Years of 05-06.
At the time I was searching for inspiration for my next comic and decided to channel my mentor Kirby for help. I was pleased with the results. I did the pencils, inks, and lettering by hand on 11x17 boards then shrunk them to 81/2x11 to color them, then copied them to newsprint to make them look even more vintage. Thank you Jack...the world misses you greatly.


m cho said...

Awesome! What a great looking pastiche of Kirby's marvel stuff! This must have been a blast to work on.

Great blog. Keep on drawing!

Mike Mitchell said...

Your artwork is really cool, thanks so much for posting.
I love your back alley landscapes!
I can picture zombie boy lurking around there somewhere.

Hey, everybody check out this dudes
blog. It's way neat-o.


Manny DeJesus said...

That was a great Kirby tribute. It kept the old 70's comic book feel which I think is lacking in today's industry. LOVE IT!