Monday, May 08, 2006


This is the cover of my first crack at drawing comics since high school. It is an 8-page mini-comic I whipped up in fall of 2005. I took it to Wizard World in Boston that year. I did'nt get a booth, just sort of wandered around giving them to folks I thought were cool, independent artist types mostly.

The art and lettering is a little "bunchy" because I drew it actual comic size as opposed to using pro-boards. I don't recomend working this way since it looks really cheesy, but it is still fun and gives you a chance to acquire experience, and practice.

For 20 years a had an image of myself that went something like this: Man, I wish I was a comic book artist. I could get paid for drawing. Too bad I got this regular factory job instead of a job that will mold and shape my natural talent of drawing. Why did I drop out of art school? How can a guy like me ever break into comics. I'm too busy. If I did'nt have so many commitments, I could pursue my passion, WHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHH....... BOOO-frickity-HOOOO.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that was me alright. Then, not too long ago ,I had a mid-life crisis. My father passed on. My mother-in-law, just one year later. I realized, the end is coming for us all, and rather quickly. When I prossesed that bombshell, I decided to roll up my sleeves, drop the excuses, live the fantasy. Pursue my passion.

The only way to draw to draw them. Think about that. You will never work in comics, unless you work in comics. Whatttt? In other words if this is your passion, don't think someone is going to reward you (especially in America) for simply having an interest in something. You have to pursue that passion every day. For You that means drawing every day. Draw in the car,(if your a passenger) or while you wait at the DMV, or at little league when your son's not at bat....I don't even know the score at my son's games. My wife will nudge me when he takes the field, I stand up, cheer like hell, and when he's off the field I sit back down and take out my sketch pad.

What you think you are is what you will become. I used to think I was someone who's boat had sailed, now I think of myself as swimming to catch up with it. Soon I will realize I was in the boat the entire time.


Ruthann said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow... Very nice!

herb trimpe said...

Some comments about this website: Anybody wanting to get into the comics business should check out Mitch's philosophy. It's what drawing comics is all about--namely, having fun and doing stuff YOU like to do. This, incidentally, can be applied to all aspects of life. Not always easy, but an ideal goal.

Mike Mitchell said...


Herb Trimpe, the guy what drew Hulk 181, first appearence of Wolverine, yeah the Herb Trimpe.
He digs MY stuff like, how cool
is that?

Herb, thanks so much for your
generous comments, you are truly
a kind man. Visit here often

God Bless,

Manny DeJesus said...

I've gone through almost the same realization since I've been unemployed. Why not pursue your passion? You only live once.