Thursday, May 18, 2006


Last night, at work, I made a decision. I am not going to waste time anymore. I am going to use every spare moment to work on my comicbook skills. Then an Idea sprang to life. Why not use my coffee/lunch break periods at work to try and draw a comic? I'll call it coffee break comics and I'll make it fun. I work 12hr rotating shifts in a paper mill, so I need a little fun, and who knows what will become of it.

When I thought about what kind of comic it would be I thought of all my favorite types of comics from when I was a kid. My favorites were Marvels Howard the duck, the D.C. house of horror stuff, the charlton romance junk, MAD, and the Warren B&W Mags. Then I decided in a burst of energy to squash them all together for fun and slapped on the title "MONSTER DISCO"

I am going to post my progress with this little scheme of doing a page a day at work. I will only work on this comic while I'm at work. When I'm at home I have to be a dad, husband, and produce/promote Zombie Boy. I started last night, and I hope to finish by July 4th, just after I finish Issue #2 of ZB. If I can acomplish this goal I will have doubled my comicbook output, without interfearing with my other commitments, including the commitment to my employer since it's time others use to smoke, read, eat, whats wrong with doodling?

I hope you are inspired to take up the challenge as well. Share your samples with me please, I'd love to see them and maybe we can publish an anthology of the results. Happy drawing everyone,....and KEEP PUSHING!!!!!!!

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Manny DeJesus said...

When I was employed I used to try writing or taking notes for a story at my lunch break. I worked in the construction field so the guys would look at me oddly and always bother me with idle chit-chat.

When I sat by myself they would tease me that I was too good for them. I got to the point that I stopped because I couldn't concentrate.

I'm glad you get do it though.