Friday, May 12, 2006


Okay please excuse the messy arangements of images here, I'm new to blogging, and what I know about computers you could fit in a paper cup.
The intent is to squeeze all of my Zombie boy promo stuff into one post
untill I can get some help creating a better presentation.

These cliped panels are segments from Zombie boy #2 which is being inked now, and readied for release next month. The second issue introduces a new and problemsome character for Ronnie Butler to contend with. Lot's of raw emotion, action, and gothic romance in a horror title like you've never seen before. Pre-orders being accepted now. $3.00 shipping, bag, board, autograph, and zombie sticker included.

Shown also are the covers of all four issues scheduled for release this year.

Free stickers of each cover of ZB, for your lunchbox, locker, or fridge available

on request. (NOTE: limit one per customer. subject to availabillity. one dollar shipping and handling applies)

Here are some pages in sequence from Zombie Boy #1. Issue one of course is an "origin" story and as such we meet many of the characters who make up Ronnie Butlers world, that is,.... the world he used to belong to.

You see Ronnies been dead nearly a year and things have changed. His girlfriend Jasmine seem's to have moved on and replaced him as the love of her life. With no hope of ever being a part of her life, yet still in love, Ronnie resigns himself to the role of gaurdian angel.

At least that is untill the Judge arrives. This mysterious Man with ties to the underworld informs Ronnie that his new mission on Earth is not that of a Gaurdian angel, but an angel of doom.


crazy_8_mike said...

Hi Mike- ZOMBIE BOY looks great! I look forward to seeing more of your comics. I love the old tyme feeling like EC Comics. Maybe we will work together sometime. My personal style is Psychedelic/Horror/Cartoons. I've been producing Underground/Newave Comix since the 1970's. Besides my solo work I also "jam" with artists. Including Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Robt. Armstrong and many more. They send me their characters without backgrounds. I create full page and panel stories using their characters in my backgrounds with my characters. One of my series is the Crazy Men Comix. I have an eBay store with dozens of my comix-
My regular website is-
There is also an extensive "Michael Roden Catalog" run by Dale Lee Coovert-
Thanks, Mike Roden

Mike Mitchell said...

So pleased you dig my stuff, thats a big compliment coming from someone who's worked with the kind of underground luminaries you have. I would love to participate in a comic Jam with you and your bud's. I visited your on line space's and they look GREAT! I'm picking out a crazy man comic this weekend!
Keep making comics


Steve Kanaras said...

Great stuff Mike! It was nice talking to you at the Boston show. I look forward to seeing you at Cons in the future. You've got to bring me some Zombie Boy comics so I can purchase them!

Free Lunch Comics

Manny DeJesus said...

I love the premise of Zombie Boy and I'll be picking this up when I get a chance. Your artwork is solid.