Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Here it is folk's Tuesdays coffee break comic, a real cliff hanger!
And you see...this one's not half bad. I am pleased with all the positive reactions from everyone about this series, and I hope others take up the challenge as well.

The point is not to create a masterpiece, it's rather a creative excersise, a fun challenge, a way to get back to that space in time when you first decided to try drawing comics.

Limiting yourself to only using what otherwise would've been wasted time forces you to be creative and inovative. Remember even I don't know what's going to happen on the next page of Monster Disco.

Finally the rough nature of the excercise allows you to loosen up and try new ideas and methods You never tried before. Since it seem's like play time you find yourself playing with the page and the storytelling in way's you probably would'nt with your
regular comics. Go on.... MAKE YOUR OWN COMICS!!! (Jack Kirby say's so!)
NOTE: Due to the recent worldwide shortage of tomatoes FREE PIZZA TUESDAY has been posponed.


Megan said...

Hello Mike
My brother helped me with this blog.
Tell me if you got this measage
from Megan

Mike Mitchell said...

Meg's My friend...Meg's I sure did get your blog comment, please thank your brother for me.
Everyone say Hi to Megan she is a dear friend who makes her own comics which I will feature here someday soon.

Dembicki said...

Mike, are you eventually going to compile these into a mini comic?

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan! I hope you are having a good day.

It looks like Frankenstein is going to have an accident. Ooh, that dog got bonked on the head.

What's this about pizza day being canceled? I'm going to get my own pizza then.

Megan said...

Hello Jack
Yes I'm having a good day. Been enjoying the nice weather in between rain.
1 pg left on my comic
I'm not sure what you mean Mike by Pizza day.
I like your frankenstein comic it's funny :).
Thanks for the hello Jack :).
from Megan