Monday, May 29, 2006


In a rare public appearance today, our Great Lawgiver, spoke to the citizens of Ape City. Addressing the small crowd of simians,who had gathered on the steps of the science ministry building, Our elder statesape had this to say: "Citizens of Ape City... the great crisis that has befallen our blog by the accursed General Aldo, has been averted.

I am pleased to inform you that he has been captured by the gorrilla task squad headed by corporal Brutus. Furthermore, he is en-route to the Forbidden Zone and measures have been taken by deputy of science minister Claudious to ensure he never again escapes to terrorize this blog."

The Great Lawgiver went on to say that all regular installment features of this blog will be reinstated beginning tomorrow evening . Tuesday May 30th.

In a final note to the crowd L.G. reminded everyone not to fill-up, because Tuesday is FREE pizza day.


steve said...

Wow--this is AWESOME! I've always loved the original Planet of the Apes films. This is an excellent drawing.

"It's a maaadhooouse. A maaadhooouse" --Charlie Heston

Sneaky Jack said...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these Planet of the Apes portraits.

Those gosh darn bloody apes!