Friday, May 19, 2006


If you scroll down you will learn more about the "Coffee Break Comics" project and the challenge it represents. I have decided to enter a post with each page I do. Hopefully it will inspire other non-pro comic artists,(like myself),to see just how much can be accomplished when you devote your coffee/lunch breaks to drawing comics.

Let me say that this is by no means meant to be an example of my best work. It is simply practice, however it does still have great value. It is very libirating to let your mind go wild and not have to worry about producing a masterpiece.

The idea is simple. Take a sheet of copy paper, rule to comic book size, and draw a comic page during breaktime at work. My only rule was that I restricted myself to one page, and that I would NOT embellish when work was through. WHATCH-YA-SEE...ISWAT...CHAGET!!!

For the inquisitive among you I will tell you that this piece took roughly one hour start to finish. That's three ten minute coffee breaks and a 1/2 hour lunch break. For the entire project I will only be using a #2 pencil, a 6" plastic ruler, and a twin tip sharpie. I wanted to stick with materials you could find in just about any work enviroment.

Now that you know the score get busy.....GO MAKE COMICS!

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steve said...

Thanks for the advice/encouragement here. Great idea!