Saturday, May 20, 2006


Alright folks here it is my coffee break page for today. Not a whole lot to say, mostly cause I'm reallllllly fricken tired today. need sleep must get slepfghzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh oh sorry. anyway hopefully by now you know what this project is about if not you'll have to scroll down and get edju-kat-ted, duh-huh. The only ground I could cover about this excercise that differs from the other posts in this series is a brief word about lettering by hand versus computer lettering.

There are very few folks in the hand lettering camp today but I for one am a staunch believer that everyone should practice it, even if they ultimetly go with computer lettering anyway. Why you ask? I don't know go ask your mother (just kidding) I get goofy when I'm tired. Seriously hand lettering is just another of the many tools a comic book artist can use to make that extra personel connection with the viewer.

Like so many other computer applications tied to modern comics, the sameness, and ultra perfection of form has to a degree lessened the conection between artist and viewer. I picked up a comic once ( and I'm sure you've had this happen) and it was totaly digital. Yes it was beautiful, and perfect, and correct in everyway,............BUT! it left me dead cold man. It was if someone had taken stills of a videogame and pluged in fonts.

I understand I'm like an old teastement prophet here preaching for a return to mosaic law, however there is a danger of loosing the original art form of comics if we don't pull back just a weensy bit from the digital devide. I recently met several comic pro's, young guy's mind you, who told me they not only did'nt know how to letter, they actually had never seen it done before. These guys were hovering around my comicon booth praising my lettering like I was Artie simenk, Ya see thats what I probably never heard of him didja?

Aw forget it. Who am I kidding....I'm to tired to preach GO MAKE SOME COMICS WILLYA?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the hand lettering, penciling and inking comics way of doing comicbooks. I'm not saying people should stop using computers, but I don't think computer work should displace all other ways of doing things. There is something special about handmade comics. I love the smell of india ink, the feel of the paper and the thrill of creation.

SRBissette said...

Compelling blog, and hope to mail order your comics when finances permit -- thanks for posting on my own! Will catch up on your blog postings, and have a bit more to say --

Mike Mitchell said...

Steve, Thanks for visiting my site! I am honored a pro like you would be interested in purchasing my art work, but hows this okay?
No charge for you on the art, just
autograph my copy of tyrant man!

c'mon wadya say hmmmmmmmm

Best regards Mitch

Manny DeJesus said...

I agree that there is something to be said for hand lettering. What digital lettering being so much faster it won't go away but it does seem a little cold at times.