Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here is page 8! I think it's a dandy! It's what Joe Kubert would call a "money shot". The set-up came yesterday on page 7, and here is the payoff. Frank predictibly smashed through the sound booth in his rush to speak to Blaze.

I want to set the record straight about the Joe Kubert School.
In an earlier post (see ENOK cover) I may have poked a little too much fun at the Joe Kubert School in a sarcastic effort to be self effacing. In point of fact Joe Kubert and his school have been influencing comics and comic artists for generations. It is a terrific school and I would gladly give my left testicle to attend, if I were only able to. Nuff said.

Back to my pathetic little comic... yes we have reached a great milestone, our first in fact. In just 9 work days, using coffee and lunch breaks, we have produced enough raw material for an 8 page mini! Think about it. Total drawing time less than 16hrs.

I am pleased so many of you have written to say how much you are enjoying this series, and I hope a great many of you will join me in the challenge. I have greatly benifited from each and every page, ( for details see previous posts) and the work I think is begining to reflect that. Most importantly it is fun, and that's what drawing should be for all of us.

In the coming day's I will discuss options for what can be done with "Monster Disco" . There are several choices available, and the best part is they are NOT mutually exclusive. Every artist no matter how accomplished should have some play time to keep their motor running, and that's what this is ultimetly about. So, skip that favorite back to back Sinefeld repeat, Pull out your sketch pad at MacDonalds, Have your nieghboor drive the kid's to soccer practice, tell 'em all Your Busy............Busy making comics!

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