Thursday, June 01, 2006


Here is today's COFFEE BREAK page. It represents a return to the central element of our story line, the love triangle between Blaze, the Frankenstien Monster and Dracula. Today's piece,(page 9) picks up where we left off nearly three pages ago with Blaze phoning Frank from channel four studios. The continuity has been perserved rather nicely I think, which was my biggest fear starting in on this one. (compare to page 5 several posts back)

I also had a lot of fun with the interplay of mood, expresion, ect. between Blaze and Maureen. Just two office gal's sharing the experience of a budding romance.

All this changes, however in the last panel, when the joy of being asked for a date by Funky Frank is overshadowed by the ominous phone call from Vlad of the super group "Transylvania Connection".

It was in this last panel that I wanted a terrific shocked look on Blaze's face contrasted by Maureens discretion in whispering the bad news. I'm fairly happy with the results.

I wanted to include as many design traits as I could to beef up what would otherwise be a boring conversation.
A cursory glance will reveal several of these. Panel one, elongated downshot with heart's, hand gestures, and expression. Panel two extreme close-up of notation only. Panels three, and four contrasting points of view,
(with silouette and sound effects) . Finally Panel five which we already discussed.

Total time in this page was less than an hour, however I admit thinking about how to overcome the conversational lags for quite some time before I actually sat down to create. If your new to this site please avail yourselves of previous coffee break posts to catch up on what's happening.


Dembicki said...

I don't know why, but the strip reminds me of the old cartoon The Groovy Ghoulies! Great stuff, Mike!

Mike Mitchell said...

As wolfie would say: "Ga-roo-hoo-ha-hoo-who-veeeee!" Yeah I used to love that cartoon, back in the seventies, so probably some of that spilled through. Thanks for digging it.

Manny DeJesus said...

I loved the Groovy Ghoulies and I agree with Dembicki. Its got a lot of fun energy to it and would rock as a cartoon.