Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well I've been at it again all night. Here is the final of three versions of Tor Johnson, the B-movie horror actor most noteble for his role in: "Plan-9 From outerspace ". I was invited recently to contribute a piece to the small-press zine "Monster-a-go-go" by publisher Tim Goebel. He suggested I do a pic of Tor, as he was their magazines un-official mascot.
This is the first time I have ever been invited to do a magazine so I wanted to create an image that was lasting, iconographic, and well suited as a logo. My approach was to first do a pencil sketch, going easy on the cross-hatching, really just trying to create a map of his face. Next I made several copies of the pencil sketch. I did a color version using your basic department store brand of crayola crayons, with a magic marker back splash, and finally tonight the black and white inked piece, which employed brush work, black ink, white opaque, tech-pens (fibermicrons) and muted wash. Tim said the work was quote "Awsome...more than I could have dreamed of." It was a real fun and gratyfing piece.

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