Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Howdy folk's! Perhaps if I start of with a cheery greeting like "howdy" it won't betray the gloomy spirit I'm in. Why so gloomy? I was afraid you would ask. It's not real bad it's just that after day's of rain we finally got some nice weather, which means....you guessed it YARDWORK!
And brother do I got a ton of it to do. I should've worked on Zombie boy more while I was off instead of having a blast on blogger, and I whittled away what little drawing time I had this morning on doing this silly horror piece, which was fun, but has no venue. ArrrGHH=gghhUmp!

Oh yeah and one other thing this is the third time now FREE pizza day has been ruined. I asked that they deliver the pizza to this blog at 4pm right? What did they do? They brought it all to my house at 4am! Of course untill we got up at six the skunks, and strays in the neighborhood had ruined it all. Sorry folks. Hey you guy's over at Cyber pizzaria really SUCK!

Anyway I got to get out there and mow the back forty, you can almost lose a kid in the grass it's so high, I say almost because the little smarty's keep finding their way back somehow.
Sorry for my grumpy mood. No comics from me today kiddies, maybe tomorrow I'll surprise ya.


Ron Fortier said...

Yo Mitch, nice to know I wasn't the only one with a jungle in his front and back yard. Did one half yesterday and the second this afternoon. Kept an eye out for lions all the while. Honestly, of all the jobs that come with keeping up a homestead, I really like mowing the grass. Once the engine his humming and I can feel the sun on my neck and bare arms, its like going into a dreaming zone. Mowing, its a zen thing.

Mike Mitchell said...

ommmm mow-cut riekio, ommmm mow-cut riekio, ommmmm mow-cut riekio

Megan said...

You are now in the twilight zone. I expect that host guy with buck teeth to come out and explain what's going on.
Have a scream from the guy with hands up then show the host come out from behind a tree.