Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hah! you fool's thought you could keep me locked away in the forbidden zone forever? Well I have escaped, (and just in time to ruin Free pizza Tuesday) I inform all of you to be on gaurd. I am hunting human's to use as my slave's.

Already I have captured the misserable wretch known as "Mitch". He is cowering in a cave scribbling silly drawings. Bah, soon he will be racing through the target practice fields ha-ha.

I cannot be stopped this time. I have found a device from our future, (I don't know how it work's yet ) I am sure it will give me great power. Be on gaurd all of you.

General Aldo has spoken!


Dembicki said...

Awesome! It reminds me of the TV show for some reason. I was a little'un at the time but I seem to recall this in the opening scene, am I right?

Megan said...

General Aldo I'll pay your Ransom money for Mitches safe return.
I challenge you to fight against my powerful obsession powers so says Socially awkward Man.
monloguing Blah Blah confusing the General." It's too intense for me oh Oh don't want to hear it anymore. Horse Kick him, do something, quit eating the pratice fields!
His focus is burnig a hole threw my gun handle! What the heck!
Get away while I'm distracting him Mitch! "Whispers Socially awkward man.

Ron Fortier said...

Hot dog, my man,you are really all over the goofy cultural map, aren't yah.
I mean where the blazes is the segue
to jump from Tor Johnson to Planet of the Apes. Your mind is a vast and wondrous thing..ain't it?

JTgillespie said...

Very nice...the design is strong and visually compelling. I never got intothe Apes that much, but remember the movies and comics and you captured the look well. That 70's stark design and "grab you by your tie" colors thing is happening.

Mike Mitchell said...

Okay I guess I get to close this post. thanks to everyone who had fun. Matt, you guessed right it is the opening to POTA TV series ( 1974) Jason, the piece is actually collage done with construction paper,( hence the brightness of color ) Ron, Thanks for admiring my mixed-up, monkey brains. And thanks so much to my dear friend Meg's who was willing to pay ransom for my safe return.