Friday, June 09, 2006


Hey gang,'s page one of ZOMBIE BOY #2!!!
Just to show you that I do create some rather detailed and serious comicbook art now and again, I figured I would take a break from my Monster Disco comic today and get some much needed inking done on issue #2 of Zombie Boy.

This is the opening splash page which picks up less than an hour from where issue #1 leaves off. Our heroine, Jasmine is in her bedroom with her Mom and Judge Warner, ( who brought her home ) trying desperately to explain to them that she saw her boyfriend Ronnie alive, (sort of...) at the graveyard.

Trouble is our boy Ronnie's been dead almost a year gone by now. The Judge, (who knows she's telling the truth ) on the page following suggests to Jasmine's mom that the poor girl might be cracking up.

To complicate matter's, unbeknownst to Jasmine, creepy judge Warner is really her Father, ( the result of a high school fling ) and use's his considerable influence
with Jasmine's Mom to suggest the little dear take some much needed away a state Mental Hospital. Look's like a job for Zombie Boy!

If you bought issue#1, then you know that this series is Gothic Horror/ Romance set to a page turning retro-art style like you've never seen before. If you have'nt seen this series yet you've come to the right place. Issue #1 still available. If you order through this site you can get a standard comic sized copy, bagged and boarded, personaly autographed, and including a FREE
Zombie Boy decal for your home or locker for only $3.50 (postage included in price)

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