Saturday, June 17, 2006


In today's Monster Disco page, ( that's page fourteen, for all you score keepers out there ) we get to see vlad's reaction to Renny's all night song writting marathon.

I was originaly thinking of doing this as a four panel lay-out, but then as I began to work out several dialouge ideas, I began to see the advantage to breaking up the middle with a three panel change of emotion scene, with connected balloons. This is a great effect for taking the reader into the moment, and when it's done correctly the reader can easily imagine it as if it were an animated sequence. NOTE: relying on quick, familiar dialouge also seem's to help this trick.

My heart lies with the 1970's comic, I am trying on purpose to employ several of the devices used by main-stream comics of that era. I had less time than usual today. I would like to have punched-up, and defined my spot blacks. Oh well.


Ron Fortier said...

Ha, now today's strip reminded me of
several editors I use to hate. "Oh,
great script, Ron, perfect. Now we need you to rewrite it like this..."
Hey, its Sunday, so a real Happy
Father's Day to you Mitch. Am sure you
are going to enjoy it to the max.

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey, Ron the very same fathers day wishes to you, and also to fathers everywhere. Unfortunately for me I'm working shift in the mill so my fun won't begin untill this evening...then look out.