Friday, June 23, 2006


"Do not be afraid humans, Cornelius and I have spoken to Dr. Zaius and even now negotiations for the release of the one among you known as Mitch, are underway."

"Thank you Zira, In fact I want all of you to know that all indications are that Mitch is utilizing his current isolation from this blog to create more art for all of us to enjoy."

"Yes but, Cornelius dear, In the meantime all we are getting to look at are these ancient drawings from Mitch's , "ape period" he went through in the late 90's."

"Now Zira really, we cannot expect much from one held captive by such a fearsome gorilla as Aldo."

"Oh...I suppose you are correct, but I still hope Dr. Zaius finds an answer to this terrible situation quickly. I know these poor human pet's of ours are all scratching their heads."


Megan said...

I'm with you apes. I'd rather live in the wild from these confusing humans away from conformity and weird social rules. I want to growl at them when they move too fast.
Theyre so big and loud makes me want to hide under the bed.
Good portrait by the way Mitch!

Dembicki said...

I'd be awesome if they brought back the Planet of the Apes comic!