Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Here is todays coffee break post. We've arrived at page 11 folks, by tomorrow we'll be half-way to a 24 page standard comic. For the dozzens of first time visitors who don't know what this is I will say please scroll down about 20 posts or so and work your way up. For now just know it's alot of fun.

I must say this exercise is funner at work. When I'm at home
there is a terrible temptation to run to the studio and get better tools, better lighting, or to spend a couple of good hours cleaning it up. At work I know none of that is available to me so I just make due.

I really wanted to flesh this out some more, but when my hour and ten minutes was up I came down to the scanner like a good little boy and slapped this sucker out there for everyone to laugh at.

The good news is it is really keeping me loose and warmed up for ZOMBIE BOY (which I hope you newbies scroll down to see)
and it gives me a break from that kind of detail oriented work.

This page has some sarcastic dialouge to it which is always fun.
Stay tuned the next couple of days while I put all the other posts
up in the attic and re-design the main page. It may not be untill
the weekend, but it does have to be done. Things is gettin all
cluttery like up in here.

NOTE: Due to a mix-up with the delivery people all the truckloads of pizza
for FREE PIZZA Tuesday were delivered to an orphanage in Hackensac, NJ.
Sorry.....We'll try again next week.


JTgillespie said...

I like your coffee break comic idea. The challenge is clear and would undoubtedly make any artist appreciate the normal routine when creating. I'll admit the idea of doing this sort of thing myself gives me trepidation. The perfectionist in me would rail against the mere thought.
Your accompanying text is quite fun to read as well. You have a facile way of describing your daily doings. Looking good.

Mike Mitchell said...

Just how did you know about my facile daily doings? My wife said the door was locked! Talk about your on-line privacy issues,SHEESH.

Sorry could'nt resist. Anyhow thanks Jason, for your ever estute commentary, and now...onward to mediocrity!

Megan said...

I like the vampire comic. I hope to try some diffrent comics with mine sometime.
I like the whole vampire theme. It makes me think of the monster mash song.