Wednesday, June 07, 2006

RENNY WRITE'S A SONG, ...and eats bug's

Here it is folk's Page 12. If you remember from yesterday, our poor put upon Renfield has been threatened into producing a Disco hit for his Malicious Master...Vlad. This guy Vlad...AKA
Count Dracula, satisfied Renny has finally got down to business,
decides to leave him alone, and step out for a ...shall we say,
liquid lunch? In a rare act of kindness he offers to bring back a snack for the hard working Renfield. The little fellow however decides not to take advantage of his masters gracious offer and settles instead for a delicious snack from his bug jar.

What on Earth is this? You may be asking yourself, if you've never visited before. Simply scroll down comics fan's and you will see it is all about a fun little daily exercise called Coffee Break Comics.

Please excuse my brevity in tonight's posting, however Blogger has been down most of the day. Add to that the fact we are having a wicked lightning storm outside. Given the situation I have decided like our fiend Renfield not to push my luck.
(I still refuse to eat bug's though....okay maybe just one...CRUNCH!


Megan said...

Hello Mike
I like Dracula Parodys. There's a good movie called Dead and Loving it.
But I like your parody. I always thought it was strange in the story how Dracula wanted Renfield to eat bugs.
I thought Drac was a rich enough guy he could afford bread and water. Maybe he's being cheap.

Mike Mitchell said...

Meg's, my friend Meg's, Good to hear from you. "Dead and loving it"
is that the one with George Hamilton? Or maybe the one I'm thinking of is First Bite (if anyone knows the difference please let us know). Renny eating bug's is a reference to passages in the original Dracula Novel. Glad you enjoy my stuff!

Megan said...

No the Dead and Loving it movie is a parody with Leslie Nelson of the orginal Dracula story.Mel Brooks directed that one.
Renny should come over to my neighbors house and eat the bugs that come into her house. Like slugs and spiders.
She complains about it alot with salt around the door. The woman should call him up.
I'm joking :).