Monday, June 12, 2006


If you haven't been here in a few day's you missed a real wild time. I took everybody on a virtual tour of the Retro-Wonderland studios, and all the amazing exhibits held tightly within it's wall's. It is all just a memory now, but fear not, I hereby decree that every Sunday night will be a secret show and tell night. On this sacred night of the week all the goodies will be paraded for everyone to feast their eye's upon. My usual witty commentary will accompany of course, so fun is sure to be had by all. Now a question. How many of you kept a copy of your ticket? Well if you read the instructions carefully you would've read they were re-deemable for a FREE gift.
All of you who did keep a copy, affix them to an e-mail as an attatchment, along with your mailing address, and I will send you a Monster Disco comic FREE of charge. While we're on the subject of freebies I should remind everyone that tomorrow night is FREE pizza Tuesday, so bring your appetite. Sorry no new art today, I was tuckered after this weekends doings


Megan said...

Where's the ticket?

Mike Mitchell said...

Sorry my dear, but the carnival has left town and the tickets are no longer available. Since your a favorite of mine, and I owe you a comic in exchange for the terrific comic you made and sent my way I will send you one anyway. Hope your having a good day. Everyone check out and see her gallery on the web page on her profile. She is an amazing artist with a story to tell.