Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here is the cover for a comic I was going to do shortly after my father passed away. I was nearly clinically depressed by his passing. He had the capacity to be private and un-emotional at times, (especially when trying to be brave and strong) so he departed from this world with so many things left unsaid.

One day, however,(late into his cancer treatments), he said; "Michael, don't ever stop trying to be a comicbook artist if that's what you want." I cried because I knew he'd never live to see it.

A month or so after he passed I did this cover and four pages of outline in order to honor his request...............but I was too sad....and gave up.

Happy Memorial Day Daddy....This Blog's for you.


Anonymous said...

I somehow missed seeing this post until earlier this morning. I had seen the posts after it and yet didn't see this. It's like it appeared after the more recent posts.

This is a very touching entry and one that I can identify with. My father died when I was 21 and it was devastating. Well, that's all I can say, right now. Thank you.

Mike Mitchell said...

Yes that damnable General Aldo wreeked havock with the blog this weekend so lot's of things got shuffled.

The loss of one's parent is a tradgedy you constantly process for the remainder of your day's.

I think Dad would be proud of my progress and the friends I have made through this blog.

megansvisionblog said...

That's one of my fears of my dad dying or mom.