Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hello everyone, here is today's post in the Coffee Break series.
I am really starting to loossen-up, and have fun with this now.
don't be alarmed that each new page is showing less detail, in fact sometimes that can be a good sign early in the creation process. Elaborate backgrounds, heavy blacks, lighting effects, ect can sometimes mean an artist is compensating. He/she may not feel comfortable with the story and so going heavy into detail can make them feel better about the work.

I am very comfortable with this story. I know today's page is basicly only a loose outline, blah, blah, blah. Hey what do you want from a 45 minute sketch? In this page I stretched myself with some hand gestures, facial expresions, emotion, mood, and I did it all with a few small lines.

Sure it will need a great amount of finishing,(heck the bottom right panel is still in pencil) but the basic idea is there, and after all this is just practice. MAKE ME A COMIC...PLEASE?


Anonymous said...

It may not be as detailed as you like it, but its progress.

Mike Mitchell said...

Cut it out, ya big silly you. What are you goin' postal or sumpin sheeesh

Anonymous said...

I'm not going postal, I'm going UPS. Anyway, I really like the drawing of Blaze's face in panel 3. It is well done and she looks pretty cute.

Manny DeJesus said...

You accomplished a lot in 45 minutes.